Best PLC Training Center In Bangladesh

PLC Industrial Training Center

Our Services

MEIA is the best industrial training center in Bangladesh. We provide world-class industrial training to engineers at a very affordable cost. MEIA is undoubtedly the best place for completing an internship for diploma students in Bangladesh. 

Our Story

Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation was established in 2012 with the aim to create skilled professionals. We have skilled engineers who provide training to Diploma Engineers, B.Sc. Engineers, Service holder, Electrician, Technician & Vocational Students. 

PLC Industrial TRaining Center

Why Us?

Multipurpose engineering & industrial automation has been providing industrial training to the students and professional people for more than nine years. We have experienced engineers as trainers who provide training support all day long to our trainee students. Due to our world class training facility and polite behaviour MEIA has become the best and advanced industrial training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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