Why We Are Defferent??


Multipurpose engineering & industrial automation has been providing industrial training to the students and professional people for more than nine years. We have experienced engineers as trainers who provide training support all day long to our trainee students. Due to our world class training facility and polite behaviour MEIA has become the best and advanced industrial training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The most interesting fact about our training center is that this is the only advanced plc training center who provide support to not only the students of Dhaka but also to the students of whole Bangladesh as well. 

if a student comes alone or get admitted alone then trainers of MEIA will take his/her class alone. Multipurpose is the only private training center in Bangladesh with residential facilities & the most interesting part is that the accommodation fee for our trainee student is very little. MEIA is the only best basic to advance industrial training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh which has the largest training area with the most advanced industrial equipment’s and lab facilities. We have various brands of plc’s such as siemens logo s7 200,s7 300, s7 1200, s7 1500, Mitsubishi, Delta, Omron, scheinder, Panasonic and so on. The most interesting fact about the best and advanced plc training center of Bangladesh is that we don’t use any trainer boards for teaching plc, vfd, hmi or other industrial items. All the industrial equipment’s will be given to the hands of our student and they will work physically with these devices. Our training system is outcome based. We will create such an environment where the trainee will have practical experience of working in a real industry. All these modern and advance facilities made multipurpose the best and advanced industrial training center of Bangladesh.

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