Best VFD Training Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Best VFD Training Center in Bangladesh

If you are looking for the best VFD Training center in Bangladesh which will teach you everything about VFD From Basic to Advanced level then you are in the right place. Multipurpose is the Best Frequency Inverter Training Center in Bangladesh that will Teach You A to Z About VFD. Multipurpose Engineering and Industrial Automation is Founded by Engr. MD Halimuzzaman Sir, The CEO of This Institution in 2012. Our respected CEO Sir has industrial experience of 29 years+. Our Deputy Managing Director Engr. Shyamal Bromha Sir has industrial Job Experience of 23 years+ and our Director Engr Ashraful Sir has Industrial job Experience of 9 Years+ and Still counting. Multipurpose is the Only Training Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh which has such high profile and experienced faculty members. Since 2012 Multipurpose Has gained Tremendous Success in the Industrial Training Field. All these reasons make multipurpose the best VFD Training Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

"Best VFD Training Center in Bangladesh"

Why Multipurpose Is the best Basic to Advanced Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Training Center in Bangladesh?

Since 2012 MEIA is providing training on various Brands of VFD’s. Our best Facility is that we don’t provide training on VFD in Batches. A student Can Take the best training on VFD’S Personally. And We all now anyone can learn better personally then in a batch of 10-12 people. That’s why our students think that multipurpose is the best VFD Training Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Student Feel More Comfortable taking VFD training here because we train them from Zero level. We provide our trainee students with all the basic theory they need to operate a VFD then we take them to the advanced level. We have all kinds of VFD model here for providing training to our students. Woking With Various Brands of VFD’s give our Student more Confidence to Work in the industrial Field.  All these Facts make Multipurpose the best VFD Training Center in Dhaka,Bangladesh.

Why do we need a Variable Frequency Drive?

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is used to Control the operating speed of a motor by varying the frequency of the motor. With out VFD the speed controlling procedure of a motor will be costly and time consuming. With VFD this process become really easy and time saving. All the VFD’s has a build in IGBT which helps to vary the frequency of the motor. By using VFD we can not only control the speed of the motor but also we can control the acceleration and deacceleration time of the motor. We can also control the rotational direction of the motor by using VFD as well. The conventional Process of changing the rotation direction of motor is time consuming and for some people a little bit complex as well but using VFD this process will become really easy and only a matter of time.

"Best VFD Training Center in Bangladesh"

What are the equipment’s used to create a VFD?

As VFD is a Electronic Device it has millions of electronics components. But some major Components controls the whole operating procedure of VFD:
Details About those Major Components are given Below:

Rectifier: A VFD has a built in Rectifier Circuit Which Converts AC power to DC Power. In order to Vary the Frequency of the motor we need to convert AC to DC.

 Inverter: All the VFD has built in inverters which converts the DC Power Back to Ac power. As we know All our motors run on Three phase system. So the inverter will provide pure three phase output to the motor.

Control Unit/Display Unit: The Control unit or display unit is used to set the parameter of the VFD and after setting the parameter the VFD will operate accordingly.

Built-in SMPS: We can Control our motor using External Switches as well. In order to control our motor externally we need to provide 24v to the external switching devices. And this 24V will be supplied from our VFD machine.

Why People Call it VFD a Frequency Inverter?

There is a misconception among people that VFD works as an inverter also. Well, VFD Does have a built-in inverter to convert the DC supply to AC Supply but it’s for the internal IGBT only or for operating the external motor only. We can not use this Supply to Drive outside or external loads because it will be used for the main frequency drive only. It will provide pure 3 phase supply to our motor. Interesting part about VFD is that a VFD machine can be operated in single phase as well as in three phase supply. Whatever the input of the VFD is, the output will always be in three phase for running a three phase motor.

Why Converting AC to DC then again DC to AC if finally, we want to control our motor in AC only?

As we all know from the operation of Variable Frequency Inverter, the input Supply will be converted to DC to operate the built in IGBT. Because the Frequency can not be changed in AC mode. We need DC Supply to change or Vary our Frequency because the built in IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) Will only work on DC Supply. After Varying The Frequency, we again need to supply pure three phase to our motor so we again need to convert our DC Supply into AC Supply.

The Operating Procedure of a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD):

  1. If we want to operate any kind of electrical/electronic devices first we need to provide power supply to the device. As we know from earlier discussion, we can provide both single phase / Three phase supply to our VFD machine. After providing the necessary supply needed to operate the VFD we need to set some parameters.
  2. The supplied power will then be converted from AC to DC Using a built in Rectifier. As we know From Earlier that we need to have DC Supply to set the frequency as per requirement.

The built in IGBT will provide short pulses or train of pulses whenever frequency is needed to be set or reset. Even when it needs to change the polarity or phase sequence of motor to run the motor in forward or reverse Direction.

  • Finally the built in converter will convert the DC Supply into AC Supply and it will be transferred to the motor Directly

Last but not least in the best VFD training center in Dhaka, Bangladesh, you will be taught to control the frequency of your VFD by PLC analog Programming. We will teach you to Program your plc and connect it with your VFD in such a way that it will work on the frequency set by you. OR you can vary the frequency of your inverter (VFD) by using the plc analog programming through an external potentiometer. And as a bonus point, you will learn PLC, VFD & HMI Modbus Communication From basic to advanced. We will train you about Modbus programming by giving line to line explanation of the program. So that when the time comes you can easily modify your program according to your need. I bet you, no other training center in Bangladesh can teach you Modbus programming as we can!!!

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