Industrial Substation Maintenance

TK 10000

Course Fee TK 8000

Industrial Substation Maintenance

Class Topic
01Single Line Diagram Preparation for Sub Station
02HT Fuse Capacity Selection For 11KV Line
03HT Cable Selection for 11KV Line
04VCB/LBS Ampere Capacity Calculation Procedure
05Transformer Capacity Selection
06Transformer Maintenance Procedure
07Transformer oil treatment Procedure
08Name and Application of different parts of transformer
10Transformer Cooling Procedure
11Bucholz Relay Familiarization
12Air circuit breaker (ACB) Capacity Selection as per industrial load.
13LT Cable Selection As per Demand Load
14Air Circuit Breaker Connection & Troubleshooting Procedure
15Power Factor Improvement Plant Calculation and Selection Procedure
16Capacity Calculation Procedure of PFI Capacitor
17Power Factor Controller Connection and Programming Procedure
18Mesh Earthing Procedure.
19Relay Co-ordination procedure.
20Megger Testing procedure.
21Earth Testing Procedure.
23Trouble Shooting Procedure from Transformer
24Trouble shooting procedure for PFI Plant
25Distribution Panel and MCCB Breaker Selection Procedure
26Name and Approximate Price of Power Factor Capacitor, Power factor Controller, VCB, ACB, MCCB etc.
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