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Substation Training Institute in Dhaka

Why Industrial Substation Training is Important?

If you are looking for a Substation training institute in Dhaka then this post is for you. Anyone working in a substation maintenance room should be familiar with substations. Our Substation Training in Bangladesh will teach you a lot. This substation training in Bangladesh teaches you how to maintain one. After completing this course, you may be able to work at a substation. It is only for those who want to work in the power industry. Professional substation training is also for people who want to work in a substation. So,This training is a must before working with high voltage equipment. MEIA is well equipped to be the best Substation Training institute in Dhaka.

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What is an Electrical Substation?

Substations combine generation, transmission, and distribution. Therefore, a substation is a power station. It refers to the electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system.

Substations move voltage from high to low or vice versa and also performed many similar functions. As a result, When the distribution system became a grid, the substation word came. The substation has transformers to change the high and low transmission voltages.

The substation’s main function is to step down high voltage transmission system electricity to low voltage. So, electricity from substations can be easily delivered to homes, offices, etc.

During Our substation Training, the best substation training institute in Dhaka will cover all these topics.

Why Industrial Substation Training is Important for Job holders and fresh Engineers?

The best Substation Training institute in Dhaka will leave no stones unturned to give you the best service. This hands-on Substation training program will teach you about electrical substation components. It will explain how each piece of equipment works and show you the control and wiring diagrams that control it.

Recent developments have influenced substation design, operation, maintenance, safety, grounding, testing, and troubleshooting.

A substation is a high-voltage electric installation. Electricity is regularly added and removed from a system. It’s also usual to convert AC voltages from one level to another, or from DC to AC. Knowing your kit’s condition helps you focus on reducing equipment failures and enhancing substation dependability. Predictive maintenance can save you money. Moreover, this training also improves your maintenance program. How to implement new processes and testing techniques into your existing maintenance program to improve reliability and optimize it will be covered in this substation training course. You’ll learn the latest testing methods for oil and gas-insulated transformers, circuit breakers, and other electrical components.
As,Substation protection is applicable to both application networks and big commercial installations and involves careful planning, design, installation, and management. So,this Substation Training course will cover both academic and practical aspects of safety.

Various Equipment of a Substation

Substations connect the transmission and distribution systems. These reduce transmission line voltage to levels suitable for distribution systems. Circuit breakers protect the distribution system while managing current flow. A big load requires voltage regulation. A substation is made up of the following parts:

  • Snuffers
  • Conductors
  • Insulators
  • Musical instrument transformers
  • Power transformers
  • Relays
  • Blows (circuit breakers)
  • Bus bars
  • Capacitor banks
  • Isolators

The best Substation training institute in Dhaka will teach you about these parts individually.

Various types of Substation available in Bangladesh

The voltage class, application in a power system, insulated connections, and materials used to build substations vary. Some of the most common substations in a system are:

Transmission substation: This substation connects two or more transmission lines of the same voltage. To securely remove faults, high-voltage switches are placed at this substation. Transmission substations have transformers between voltages, capacitors, reactors, and other equipment to govern power flow between systems.

They can be simple or sophisticated depending on the voltage. For a transmission substation, a bus and a few circuits may be sufficient.

Distribution Substation: Distribution substation Unsurprisingly, a distribution substation delivers power from the transmission system to the local distribution system. Decoupling consumers from the main grid saves power plants money. It requires a lot of electricity, which is risky. Allowing distribution systems to reduce voltage intensity is a cost-effective and safer approach. A distribution substation receives two transmission lines and distributes the output via feeders. The voltage levels vary depending on the area serviced and how it is used.

In most cases, the feeders are underground.

Converter substations: Commonly seen near traction current and HVDC converter installations. Converter substations contain strong equipment that may change the frequency of the system’s current. Furthermore, they are capable of converting alternating current to direct current as well.

The best Substation Training Institute in Dhaka will provide you with individual knowledge on each type of substation.


Most above-ground substations share some design features. Examples include wooden poles, metal towers with latticework, and metal tube structures. Steel lattice towers are widely utilized to support large-area substations. Smaller substations are in suburbs where their aesthetic appeal is important.

Low-voltage internal substations are gas-insulated or metal-coated. Substations in urban and suburban environments are supposed to blend in. A compact substation is the tiniest. This is usually done in a metal cage outside. Each component is arranged side by side to conserve space.
During the Professional substation training at the best substation training institute in Dhaka, these topics will be covered briefly.

Facilities Provided by the best Substation Training Institute

Electrical and non-electrical workers are required to work in high-voltage substations. This substation training is for those who will not be directly interacting with HV equipment inside the substation. It’s ideal for specific jobs like reading meters, cleaning, or painting.

Substation training Institute in Dhaka can help you understand the risks and requirements of working in these areas. It will cover electrical risks, high-voltage equipment, and safety practices to protect yourself and others.

High voltage substations are also equipped with an equipment layout.

Topics Covered in the Substation Training Program

  • Design, install, commission, test, operate, manage, and maintain MV substations.
  • Examine the pieces, equipment, and essential components to identify substation styles.
  • Keep in mind the recommended grading intervals for phase and earth fault safety.
  • Commission correctly. production commencement, performance evaluation, and plant reputation concealing pre and cold commissioning
  • Perform basic calculations and tests.

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Best Substation Training Center Goals

  • Professionally design, build, run, control, and maintain MV substations.
  • Recognize the various substation kinds, parts, and components.
  • Recognize the need for phase and earth fault protection.

Who can Participate in the Substation Training Program in Bangladesh?

Admission to this substation training program is open. So,Electricity knowledge is preferred but not required.

Anyone attending training should be fluent in spoken and written English.

Doubtful about this program’s suitability? Contact our training center. They’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.

Substation Training Course in Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation

You need a realistic simulation of real-world circumstances to learn how to work safely with high voltage equipment. The Substation Training provides this experience by providing actual switchgear, transformers, and other high-voltage equipment for you to experiment with.

Our instructors have decades of experience in the High Voltage industry.

Multipurpose Engineering & Industrial Automation is a Gazipur-based firm. We may accommodate visitors from various states or countries.

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